Back to School – What You Need to Know

Believe it or not, school is almost back in session. As students prepare to go back, drivers should prepare to slow down.

Many schools in West Jordan begin next week and it’s not just students who should prepare for the return. One of the most fundamental aspects of ensuring student safety is following traffic rules around school premises, especially when it comes to crosswalks and speeding through school zones.

The Lifeline of Crosswalks and Dedicated Crossing Guards:

Crosswalks are more than just painted lines on the road; they serve as lifelines for children as they make their way to and from school. These designated crossings provide a safe route for students, allowing them to cross roads while minimizing the risks associated with busy morning traffic.

Equally important are the dedicated crossing guards who stand at these crosswalks, ensuring that children cross safely. These unsung heroes play a pivotal role in maintaining order and safeguarding young lives. As schools reopen, it is imperative that drivers follow rules for crosswalks and adhere to the instructions provided by crossing guards.

Zero Tolerance for Speeding: A Pledge by the West Jordan Police Department:

When it comes to keeping students safe, the West Jordan Police Department is all in. The department has declared a zero-tolerance policy for speeding drivers within school zones.

We all know that zipping through school zones at high speeds is more than just a traffic violation; it’s a potential danger to our children. Kids, with their minds buzzing about school and friends, might not always be the most vigilant when crossing the street. That’s why the West Jordan Police Department’s decision to crack down on speeding is so important. It’s a bold move that highlights just how crucial it is to slow down around schools. And it’s not just a random crackdown – it’s a proactive step that speaks volumes to the entire community. It says loud and clear that our children’s safety is non-negotiable, and there’s no room for compromise.

The Collective Responsibility:

If you happen to see someone speeding through a school zone, you have the option to report the incident to our non-emergency dispatch line at 801-840-4000. We ask that you please refrain from dialing 911 and leave that line open in case of emergencies.

We’re all in this together – parents, caregivers, teachers, and folks from our community. Keeping our school kids safe is a joint effort that falls on each of our shoulders.

By slowing down, giving props to the crossing guards, and following those speed limits, we’re showing our commitment to the well-being of the next bunch of trailblazers. Let’s make this school year a time of pure joy and endless adventures, all while keeping our kids safe and sound.

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood