Engineering Permits

The Engineering Department is responsible for administering several different permits used in construction in the City including: 


Public Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit

This permit is used whenever excavation will occur in the City’s rights-of-way or an activity occur which will impede traffic on a public roadway.  It is unlawful for any person to dig up, break, excavate, tunnel or undermine any road, street or highway, or to place, deposit, or leave upon the road, street or highway any earth or excavated material unless such persons first obtain an encroachment permit. 2015 Update


Land Disturbance Permit and Clearing & Grubbing Land Disturbance Permit

This permit is typically used by Developers when they wish to begin earthmoving, after having completed the development processing of their project. There are actually two types of permits available:  one for clearing and grubbing, and one for major earthmoving. With limited exceptions, no person, developer, builder, contractor, etc., shall cause to be commenced or performed any land disturbance, grading, relocation of earth, or any other land disturbance activity, and no person shall import or export any earth materials to or from any site, without first obtaining a land disturbance permit or a clearing and grubbing limited land disturbance permit. 


Water/Sanitary Sewer Service Abandonment Permit

In situations where an existing structure is demolished or removed, water and sanitary sewer service connections are also required to be abandoned according to City standards and processes. Not following these requirements can lead to contamination of the City’s water system or overflows in the City’s wastewater system due to blockages.

Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Permit

Connection to the City’s water system requires a separate approval to ensure it is being done correctly and is being connected to the proper system. 


Salt Lake County Storm Water Coalition

South Valley Water Reclamation Facility

Utah Chapter of the American Public Works Association

Building Permits

Development Permits
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