Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a copy of a police report?
If you wish to obtain a copy of a police report, submit a Records Request. Each request will be processed to ensure compliance with the Government Records Access and Management Act, which restricts the types of information that may be released. Requests will be processed within 10 business days. Police reports are $15.00 per copy.

Question: Can I get my fingerprints taken at the police department?
Fingerprints for West Jordan citizens are taken on Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Up to three fingerprint cards: $15, each ard after three is $5 each. Please bring a photo ID. 


How do I obtain a bicycle registration?
Bicycle registrations can be obtained free of charge by filling out a form at the police department. Please bring the bicycle to the main lobby of the police station in order for us to verify the serial number.

How do I get personal property returned that has been booked into police evidence?
ou must submit the form entitled Request for Return of Property or contact the evidence/property custodian at 801-256-2056.

How do I license my dog?
Take your proof of a current rabies vaccination and/or spay or neuter to the City of West Jordan Finance Department on the second floor of City Hall, 8000 S. Redwood Rd. They will license your pet for a fee. Did you know that your cat must also be licensed? Animal Control questions should be directed to the West Jordan Animal Shelter at 801-282-3951. You can also visit the Animal Control page on this site for more information.


How do I get a Restraining or Protective Order?
This varies according to your situation. For personal assistance contact our victim assistance caseworkers at 801-566-6511.

What is the non-emergency number to contact the West Jordan Police Department?

The number to call when reporting a non-emergency crime or need to speak with a police officer is 801-840-4000. For police administration or to speak with a detective concerning your case, call 801-256-2000.

I have a home/business alarm. Do I need to register it with the City of West Jordan?
Yes, and there is no charge.  However, failure to obtain a permit from us could result in fines being levied. Fill out the Alarm Permit
 application and email it to Questions? Call 801-256-2000.  


How do I find out the status/disposition of my police report?

If you would like information about the status or outcome of a police report that you made, call 801-256-2008. Using your case number, we will tell you the name of the investigator and give you his or her phone number. You may then call the investigator to discuss your case.


How do the police decide which calls to respond to first?

The dispatcher and police sergeant make the decision based on available information and their experience. Calls are given a priority code ranging from 1 to 9. An example of a priority 1 call would be a call where there are injuries, death, or a significant threat of injuries requiring immediate police response. An example of a priority 9 call would be a citizen who just needs to ask a police officer a question. Many times calls require two or more police officers and there may be several of these types of incidents occurring at one time. Please be patient and if the situation changes, you can call us back and give us any new information. Just like the emergency room at the hospital, calls are prioritized and are not always handled in the order they were received. 


How do I report a non-emergency situation?
For non-emergency reports please call 801-840-4000 and speak with the dispatch center. This keeps the 9-1-1 lines open for emergencies.


Can I make an anonymous complaint or give an anonymous tip to the police?
Yes, to provide non-emergency information such as drug activity, or to provide tips for us to follow up on, please call 801-569-5111 and leave a voice mail. Please be specific as possible by providing dates, times, and locations if this information is available to you.


I have questions or concerns about a police officer’s actions.  Is there someone I can call to discuss the matter?
These matters can usually be resolved by speaking to the officer’s supervisor. Please call 801-256-2000 and ask to speak with the officer’s supervisor. If you don’t know the officer’s name, you can tell us the date, time and location of the incident, and we can help you get in touch with the supervisor. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can come to the police station and complete a formal, written statement that will be forwarded to the lieutenant assigned to investigate these matters.

Are tours of the police department available or can I have a representative of the police department come speak to a group?

Yes, to both questions.  Please call 801-256-2032 and speak with our Crime Prevention Unit to schedule an event. You can also visit the Crime Prevention page for more information.

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Contact Us
Police Chief Ken Wallentine 
8040 S. Redwood Road
West Jordan, UT 84088
Fax  801-562-2105
Emergency: Dial 9-1-1
Headquarters Hours

(excluding all state and federal holidays)

8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Contact the Records Division 801-256-2000 for any information or questions regarding the police department.

Can I get a copy of an accident report?
If you wish to obtain a copy of a traffic accident report, you must be an involved party, family member, or an insurance agent for an involved party. There is a charge of $15.00 per copy. Please give us 7 to 10 days following the accident before requesting a copy. ​To better serve our citizens and insurance carriers in need of a traffic accident report, West Jordan Police Department has partnered with and has implemented an online dissemination program to provide our accident reports securely, online.

You can save time because there is no need to go to the West Jordan Police Department to request a traffic accident report. Obtaining a report takes only a few minutes and you can make the request conveniently from any computer.

IMPORTANT: Before attempting to obtain a copy of a traffic accident report, please allow 7-10 days from the date of the accident to allow the report to be submitted, processed and approved for release by the West Jordan Police Department. Traffic accident reports resulting in a death/fatality or involving an on-duty emergency vehicle are not available online – you may obtain those reports from the City Records Division. 

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