Fire Marshal

Permits are required for work being performed under the requirements of the 2006 International Fire Code and other construction codes as adopted by the State of Utah and the ordinances of the City of West Jordan.  


Fire Permit Application 

Building Codes & Inspections


Business Inspection Checklist

Our goal is that you pass your fire inspection and reduce the chances of ever having a fire. The Fire Inspection Checklist covers the common hazards and conditions found in most businesses. The technical nature of your business may require additional fire code compliance efforts on your part. To schedule an inspection, email the form below or call 801-260-7300.


West Jordan City is prohibiting the use of any ignition source, including fireworks, lighters and matches, in certain areas of the city (see list below and attached map). It is a Class B Misdemeanor to violate these restrictions and may result in penalties of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The Fire Department will be providing extra patrols and assisting the Police Department with the enforcement of the restrictions.

Restricted areas include:

  1. All areas west of SR-111 (also known as U-111 and the Bacchus Highway within West Jordan City limits).

  2. All areas within 200 feet of the Jordan River Parkway Trail east of 1300 West.

  3. All areas within 200 feet of the area commonly referred to as Clay Hollo Wash that runs east and west in the area of 7800 South (approximately 4800 West to SR-111).

  4. All areas within 200 feet of Bingham Creek, located near Old Bingham Highway running the length of the east/west boundaries within West Jordan.

  5. All city parks, unless a permit has been obtained for a professional display.


The wet spring has provided an opportunity for weeds and field grasses to grow and have combined with the warmer conditions to create a fire hazard. As such, it is time to recognize this danger and do what we can to prevent injury and property loss from fire. Therefore, we are issuing this notice of fireworks restriction.

Salt Lake County has also designated lands in the unincorporated areas of the county that are consistent with these restrictions. The Fire Marshal and Fire Department put these restrictions in place to help keep people and property safe and encourage people to attend the city’s professional fireworks show in Veterans Memorial Park on July Fourth at 10:00 p.m.

The Fire Department will continue to monitor environmental conditions in the coming weeks and could add additional fireworks restrictions. Fireworks may be discharges according to state code between the dates of July 2-5 and July 22-25 in non-restricted areas. Also, fireworks can only be discharged between 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. July 2-5 and July 22-25 with the time extended to midnight on July 4 and 24.

Child Fire Setting Program

West Jordan Fire Prevention personnel can provide education to children and families where a child is found to have an unhealthy fascination with fire. Parents and guardians can properly address most issues of fire play, but if you think you need assistance with your child’s education we are able to help. More Information.

Fire Investigation

The purpose of the West Jordan Fire Investigations Team is to conduct post-fire inquiries into the origin and cause of fires within our jurisdiction. If you would like more information about our fire investigations team or need to speak with someone about an open case, please call 801-260-7300.

Fire Marshal
Paul Brockbank
Deputy Fire Marshal
Mike Jensen