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Get to the River! Jordan River Trail Scavenger Hunt

Where nature meets fun!

This activity takes explorers along the Jordan River Parkway trail, finding hidden gems and seeing the nature that surrounds us!

The Scavenger Hunt

The Jordan River Scavenger Hunt is an interactive outdoor event orchestrated by West Jordan, Utah, and the Healthy West Jordan Committee. It offers a chance for people of all ages to engage with the picturesque Jordan River Parkway, capture photos, and potentially win some prizes!

Navigating the Adventure

Using your smartphone, capture at least seven of the ten items listed below and submit them using this form.

  1. A feathered friend
  2. Flowing water
  3. An insect
  4. A mammal
  5. Something blue
  6. The mountains
  7. Something in the river
  8. A colorful leaf
  9. Something you think is wonderful
  10. A trail selfie

Inclusive Enjoyment

The beauty of the Jordan River Scavenger Hunt lies in its inclusivity. Tailored for individuals, families, and groups, the event accommodates nature aficionados and those seeking to spend some time outdoors.

Nature Unveiled

A prime feature of the scavenger hunt is its dual purpose of educating about the ecosystem and getting you outside. The Jordan River Parkway is full of diverse plant and animal life, offering participants an opportunity to connect with nature.

Rewards Await

Completion of the Jordan River Scavenger Hunt offers more than a sense of accomplishment. Participants also qualify for prizes!

Getting Involved

Want in on the fun? Visit our FAQ page to learn everything before heading to the trail!

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood