• 1300 West Construction – Gas Line Replacement

    Project Overview: Dominion Energy is replacing a section of its gas line system on 1300 West from 7800 South to 11400 South. Read more on the project’s webpage. Questions? Email: DominionEnergyWest.CorpComm@DominionEnergy.com Project Updates: November 16, […]

  • Google Fiber Update – 2023

    Last year, the City of West Jordan announced it had entered a license agreement with Google Fiber, allowing the internet service provider to soon offer high-speed internet access to residents and businesses throughout the city. […]

  • Statement from WJPD Chief Ken Wallentine on the Death of Tyre Nichols

     January 27, 2023 – View PDF Statement from West Jordan Police Chief Ken Wallentine on the death of Tyre Nichols:  As a police officer of more than forty years and your Police Chief, I unequivocally condemn […]

  • West Jordan Police Department Offers Free Gun Locks to Residents

    Two weeks ago, a six-year-old shot a Virginia teacher with his mother’s gun – a story that made headlines across the United States. The West Jordan Police Department is striving to keep your community safe […]

  • Data Privacy Day – What are you doing to keep your information private?

    Saturday, January 28th is Data Privacy Day – a day that creates awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust. Did you know that in 2022, the West Jordan Police Department […]

  • West Jordan and American Red Cross Hold Quarterly Blood drives.

    There’s a critical need for blood. Those are the first words you read on the website for the American Red Cross. On average, the Red Cross holds 16,426 blood drives each month. In recent weeks, […]

  • West Jordan City Logo Image
    City Council Elects New Chair and Vice Chair

    Did you know every year the city council reorganizes itself and votes on a new chair and vice chair? Much like what you’ve seen in the news, the past few weeks, of Congress voting in […]

  • Copper Hills High School Celebrates New Road Name

    An old road with a new name leads to Copper Hills High School today. Students advocated for a name change of New Bingham Highway last year, as Bingham High is a rival school. That rivalry […]

  • 2023 Brings Winter Weather to West Jordan

    Wow, what winter weather we’ve had! Many parts of West Jordan reported receiving more than six inches of snowfall over the weekend. The city appreciates your patience, during storms like these, as we work to […]

  • Off Road Vehicle causes thousands of dollars’ worth of damage at West Jordan’s newest park

    Spotted at Maple Hills Park (6543 W 7400 S): tire marks in the grass, left behind by an off-highway vehicle. It might seem like driving on frozen grass isn’t a big deal but incidents like […]

aerial view of West Jordan neighborhood