West Jordan Communications

The City of West Jordan goes to great lengths to spread the word about a variety of West Jordan City-related news including public meetings, city events, messages from city departments, construction updates and emergencies. Below you'll find instructions on how to opt-in to various types of communications and a description of how they are used.

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Our most popular communications tool is our city Facebook page. Generally, most off the messaging the city provides will go on Facebook. Residents engage with the city through likes, comments and direct messaging. The city communications team typically responds within a day (except for weekends) to messages and comments. Facebook allows the city to provide several forms of communication including text, images, video, and live streaming. Unfortunately, we are subject to Facebook's algorithm which can mean not all posts will make it to your news feed.

>> Our Facebook Page  West Jordan Police Dept  West Jordan Fire Dept

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Our Twitter page regularly receives the same communications content as Facebook. There are some limitations to our messaging including character length restrictions that may make the content less robust or informative. Twitter does lend itself well to topics that are extremely timely.

Our Twitter Page

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The city actively uses Instagram for content and messaging that are accompanied with a relevant image. We also like to publish images and video that feature the beauty of our city. It is difficult to share content that links to external websites as links are disabled within individual posts.

Our Instagram Page

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The city offers email communication to our community. Email provides a great way for the city to communicate with residents about specific topics curated by the resident. For example, a resident can opt-in to receive emails about construction only while another resident could sign up to receive construction and newsletter emails. The only drawback is that we can only send emails to people who have specifically requested to receive them.

Sign up for Emails

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The City of West Jordan automatically posts all recordings of City Council and Planning Commission Meetings to its Youtube page. Additionally, other videos created by the city often land on our Youtube channel.

Our Youtube Channel

Other Communications

West Jordan Good Neighbor News

The city publishes a monthly newsletter inside the West Jordan Journal. Many important messages and updates make their way into the newsletter. The primary difficulties with the content in the newsletter stem from when the content is written versus when the West Jordan Journal hits homes. In general, content is written and submitted one to two weeks before the first of the following month. Information is a flowing stream. Some important messages that need to be communicated do not always fit within the constraints that come with a monthly newsletter.

Utility Bill Inserts

Because we have a large audience that receives a utility bill in the mail every month, we will send important messages via utility bill inserts including rate or tax information and advertising for key West Jordan events.

Communications Suggestions

If you have a preferred form of communication that you don't see the city using, please email your suggestion us at info@westjordan.utah.gov.

How to Communicate with Us

There are several ways to be heard at the City of West Jordan. While this is not a comprehensive list, we hope to highlight the best ways to get in touch with the city.


Most of the complaints we receive are accompanied with a request for an action to be made by the city. Many of these complaints can be resolved by involving code enforcement or by submitting work orders to the West Jordan City Public Works Department. Our GIS team created a tool where residents can submit these directly called the City Service Request. Visit this page to see it in action. If you have a legal complaint, we recommend contacting the West Jordan Police Department on their non-emergency line at 801-840-4000.


Many residents ask questions on Facebook Messenger, post comments, and other social media messaging. All are welcomed and typically receive fast responses. You are also invited to call the main City Hall line at 801-569-5000 during business hours and get help finding the right department for your question.

City Council Meeting

At the beginning of every City Council Meeting, residents have the option to speak to the City Council and Mayor for three minutes. City Council Meeting is usually every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.